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With 7+ years experience in content creation and an eye for excellence, Josh Campbell is here to make your brand stand out in a busy market with high quality, high-converting spokesperson delivery and video production.

Gone are the days where people give into inauthentic scripts and "in your face" marketing. People are now craving authenticity and originality more than ever - a skill that Josh brings to the table with creative script writing.

Don't be another forgettable, boring brand. It's time to bring in authenticity and stand out from the crowd.

So here we give you a competitive advantage.

We know the market can be very competitive...

I'm Josh Campbell

Passionate Creative Director, Spokesperson and Video Producer.

I started out as a Fitness Influencer in 2017, pivoting into Relationship Coaching in 2020 and growing an audience of 50,000 across my social media platforms. Having 7+ years of experience in content creation and personal branding, as well as modelling, it led me to now being a Creative Director and Content Producer for top companies worldwide.

I've since worked with global brands such as Global Work and Travel, Rask AI, BetterMe, Alphacell, E8 Funding, Speakr and more, producing stand out video content that has grown revenue sources for all companies.

My goal is to help clients deliver top-performing, high quality, high converting, and memorable content that takes your revenue to the next level. 


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