Packages starting at $2,000

You will get a ready-to-post short form content for your brand account. This intends to grow your brand value, community and create a powerful production and resonance with your audience. Includes discussion for scriptwriting or ideation, and all core packages include delivery and post-production. 

We'll tell your product, service or brand's story in a way that's direct to problem > solution marketing, creating an end video-product that's thumb-stopping, conversion click-through great!

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organic social media content creation package

organic social media content
marketing video & ads

Packages starting at $1,000

You will get a World-Class ready-to-post ad-creative for landscape formats, or a RAW delivery based on your own script and direction depending on the package you have chosen.

We'll tell your product, service or brand's story in a way that's direct to problem > solution marketing creating an end video-product that's thumb-stopping, conversion click-through great!

choose from raw video or full-production

marketing video & ad creative for youtube

marketing video & ads

Packages starting at $1,000.

Unlock the Power of Your Message with my Expert Explainer Videos!

With over 7 years of experience in Social Media, Branding, and Ad Creative, we are your trusted partner for crafting engaging explainer videos. Whether you need a ready-to-post ad-creative or prefer to provide your own script and direction, we've got you covered.

You have the flexibility to work closely with me to iterate and shape your vision collaboratively, or you can trust me to take the reins independently. Your success is my mission.

choose from 2-3 minutes or 3-5 minutes

explainer videos for your brand, app or product

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How it works

Ideation Phase

Here, we gather all the necessary information on your product or service. From links, references, and brand-decks, to solutions and problems your product or service has, once we have your information, we can begin crafting the production idea, talking points and script (if necessary)!


Creation Phase

Once the script and/or idea is approved, we'll get to video shooting and editing independently! Here, you'll only ever be needed for approvals, urgent questions, or if you choose, offer remarks for additions. At this point, excitedly await the end product!


Revision Phase

Here, we offer small tweaks and revisions if graphics, titles, music and colour grading for example is not to your specifications. We ensure that you are absolutely happy with the end result!


Why you can trust us...







trusted by 70+ companies

Our results speak for themselves!

Top performing and converting video for Forte Series

Why go premium

You get a UNIQUE, stand out production that genuinely connects with your target audience, rather than another boring, blended-in, AI generated piece of content.

Premium content and advertising means attracting a strong community, as well as premium clients who are also more likely to stay as retaining clients!

Our high touch service means you get more viral content, land more sales, more word of mouth, and visibility for your brand.

Receive creative, authentic and highly engaging brand assets, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

Having a highly experienced speaker for your brand equals a loyal community, channel growth, and becoming a memorable brand.

"Superb talent to work with! Josh is creative, responsive and very talented in creating videos that are engaging and informative. His first submssion is so perfect that we don't need any more revisions. Josh got it right the first time. Highly recommended!"

"I want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on an amazing UGC creator, Joshua! Joshua has been an absolute gem to work with. His dedication to producing consistent, high-quality content every week is truly commendable. If you're on the lookout for a UGC creator who's not just talented but also incredibly responsible, look no further. Joshua is your go-to person! Thank you, Joshua, for your outstanding contributions to our projects."

"Josh was GREAT to work with! He helped me create a video that I will be using to run YouTube / TikTok ads and it was by far the highest production quality I have found from anyone on Upwork. Would definitely recommend Josh and will be using his services again."

"Working with Joshua has been a delightful experience. He consistently delivers top-notch work and creates high-quality videos. He is incredibly efficient and easy to communicate with, always responding promptly. We are excited to continue working with him in the future."

"Joshua has proven to be a great investment - we had him produce some UGC for us - he was a natural on camera and is great with interacting with strangers. He has communicated well and been open with the process and any concerns he had which we managed to work through."

"Joshua is a great professional! He knows how to get the best results and how to communicate them. His high level of mental health skills and life experience were also important to my task. So it was a pleasure to work together. Thanks Joshua!"

"Working with Josh was an absolute pleasure and a seamless experience. Josh's professionalism shone through in every aspect of our collaboration. He not only delivered outstanding UGC videos but also completed each video according to our deadlines! We couldn't recommend Josh more highly. His talent, professionalism, energy and dedication to excellence make him a standout collaborator. 

"We highly recommend Joshua for any acting or UGC work. Not only is he very engaging on camera but he knew exactly what to do with our brief and quickly produced two adverts for us to use. He has a great understanding of what content works on each social media platform and he has all the kit needed to record quality footage.

"Josh is an absolute superstar for our project. He was very enthusiastic and professional and throughout and produced exactly what we were looking for. I added a bonus as I was very happy with the work and looking forward to launching the video. I 1000% recommend Josh."

"Joshua demonstrated work of a true professional. He went above and beyond to make sure he satisfied my vision. I’m beyond impressed with him, and I look forward on returning to work with him."

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